Jeff Joseph

Editorial Director & Publisher, Luckbox

Oct 8, 2021

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Jeff Joseph is editorial director and publisher of Luckbox magazine, a media platform brought to you by the tastytrade financial network.

Founded in 2018 and with headquarters in Chicago, the monthly publication prides itself on being “the control freak’s essential guide to life, money & probability.” As well as being printed in magazine form, the outlet can also be found online, and seeks to help its readers maximise their benefit from investments and financial choices.

Jeff was previously the founder and managing director of alternative strategies for the finance company ‘Rydex Investments.’

In this in-depth interview, Jeff reflects on how starting out at Luckbox was very much inspired by how he “missed making mistakes” as an investor; discusses how “falling in love with your own product” can be detrimental to media outlets if it proves a distraction from expanding your audience; and shares his belief that media must accommodate the platforms that younger audiences and producers use most regularly – including Instagram, TikTok and podcasting.

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