Julian Richer

Retailer, author and philanthropist

Mar 19, 2021

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Image of Julian Richer

Julian is a retailer, author and philanthropist. Founder and managing director of Richer Sounds which he established in 1978, it has grown to a chain of 52 stores with a £200m turnover, and is now the UK’s largest independent electronics retailer.

Also, an author, his popular book ‘The Richer Way: How to Get the Best Out of People’ is a guide on how to ensure staff and customers are central to your corporation, and was recognised as “one of the best business books in history” by The Independent and his recent book ‘The Ethical Capitalist’ was a Financial Times book of the month.

In this in-depth conversation, Julian discusses a long career in the industry – from beginning trading aged 14 with a £10 note, to opening his first shop at London Bridge five years later; shares how he has learnt and overcome the many obstacles he has faced, including his company almost going into administration at the age of 21; and describes his efforts to become a “capitalist who is willing to stand up and criticise capitalism,” encouraging businesses to follow in his footsteps and become more ethically aware.

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