Kevin Lamb

Founder and CEO, Medical Expectations

Jan 10, 2019

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Kevin Lamb is CEO and founder of Medical Expectations. With 35 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, he is striving to improve the delivery of patient care in the US by creating a better understanding of how serious health conditions are treated.

Kevin is a Hollywood movie producer with credits including the Oscar-nominated ‘Marshall’, who uses his unique insight into filmmaking to create videos to help alleviate the fear of what surgery and recovery may look like.

In this in-depth interview, he discusses the benefits of consumer-driven healthcare in educating patients on costs, argues that regulating sugar intake is not a solution to over-indulgence and sedentary lifestyles, and explains how, with a staggering 80 percent of medical advice forgotten “by the time patients reach their car”, storytelling empowers patients to take responsibility for their own health.

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