Kevin Murray

Author and speaker

Sep 14, 2020

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Kevin Murray is a business speaker and best-selling author. During his career he has interviewed over 100 chief executives and conducted research into the motivating behaviours of leaders with a specialism in inspired leadership, and has published four books on the topic. He previously ran the UK’s largest PR and Communications group for 20 years and also served as director of communications for British Airways, the Atomic Energy Authority and Bayer. In this in-depth interview, he shares his experiences advising global chief executives, revealing what their biggest unspoken fears are; explains how everyone can master the skills of charisma to boost their effectiveness by learning the ability to be “affective in order to be effective”, a topic he explores in his latest book ‘Charismatic Leadership’; and describes why having leadership throughout an organisation, whether large or small, is vital to success.

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