Louis Evans

CEO, Commonwealth Energy Group

May 20, 2021

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Louis Evans is chief executive of the Commonwealth Energy Group. Founded in 2008, they support businesses by advising them with energy solutions to minimise their impact on the environment and lower their operating costs.

Currently a board member for the United States Green Building Council and Green Business Certification Inc, he is also a LEED Green Associate. Before this, he held senior positions at Genesis Electrical and then Mr Electric.

In this in-depth conversation, Louis reflects on the changing landscape of the energy sector – looking back on how the financial crash encouraged companies to lower their costs, and how energy now usually constitutes businesses second largest spend; discusses the important work of the company, and their dual motivation of saving people money whilst also directing them towards cleaner processes; and delves into what the future holds for the field, with new technological advancements such as being able to control your home energy through your phone coming to the fore, and what this could mean for society as a whole.

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