Lydia Fenet

Managing Director, Christie's

Jul 16, 2019

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Lydia Fenet is managing director of Christie’s, an author, and one of the world’s leading charity auctioneers who has raised over half a billion dollars for non-profits worldwide. Starting out as an intern at the esteemed auction house, she created and heads up the global partnerships programme to strengthen connections with luxury brands. This year, she released her best-selling book, ‘The Most Powerful Woman in The Room is You’, in which she shares lessons learned from 20 years in the business. In this in-depth conversation, she explains how she transforms brand partnerships from “logos on cocktail napkins” to long-standing global connections; shares her secrets to commanding an audience; and describes her quest to “give women a voice” – gaining the confidence to negotiate the salary they deserve.

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