Markus Pflitsch

Co-founder & CEO, Terra Quantum AG

Jun 30, 2022

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Markus Pflitsch is a co-founder and CEO of Terra Quantum AG – a Zurich-based deep tech company founded in 2019 that develops revolutionary quantum applications to shape the technology of the future. The company raised $75 million in Series A funding (including an extension), which marked one of the largest funding rounds achieved in the quantum tech space. Markus has expertise in scientific and financial sectors, making him an experienced CERN Quantum Physicist, senior financial executive, and deep tech entrepreneur. In this in-depth conversation, Markus delves into how quantum physics gave rise to quantum computing and quantum machines; shares his opinion on building a successful company, especially when it comes to the relation with investors and clients; and describes the level of competition within a growing ecosystem of startups.

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