Matt Rees

Head of Editorial Unit, European Investment Bank

Apr 27, 2021

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Matt Rees is head of the Editorial Unit at the European Investment Bank. Founded in 1958, they provide finance and expertise for investment projects that contribute to furthering the EU’s policy objectives.

Appointed to the role in 2015 where he writes about projects, people and industry issues, Matt previously held positions at Bloomberg, The Scotsman, Newsweek and Time Magazine.

Matt is also the host of the European Investment Bank’s Climate Solutions podcast. The latest season investigates and explains the true meaning of Green Finance – celebrating the launch of the upcoming audiobook ‘A Dictionary of Green Finance’, which will be released by the European Investment Bank in June 2021.

An award-winner, Matt has received the ‘Digital Communications Award’ for his other podcast series ‘A Dictionary of Finance,’ and the ‘European Excellence Award for Sustainability and Environment’ for his ‘Climate Solutions’ blog, podcast and e-book series.

In this in-depth conversation, Matt describes his career journey so far, particularly how his passion for storytelling and making a difference has led him to where he is today; explores the recent events that have massively impacted the bank’s performance – the 2008 financial crisis, Brexit and COVID-19; and tells us about his podcast and one of it’s important aims, to help guide listeners to reduce their own carbon footprint.

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