Michael Atar

Scientist, entrepreneur & philanthropist

Nov 12, 2021

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Michael Atar is a scientist, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

A highly acclaimed paediatric dentist, Michael has received many awards for his extensive research and regularly lectures at New York University, as well as previously being a clinical lecturer at the Queen Mary School of Medicine.

In this in-depth conversation, Michael describes his multifaceted career and how he’s embraced his scientific and artistic proclivities with the consistent aim of “making the lives of others better;” shares his interest in supporting startups with the potential to make a global impact such as Cytovale – a company seeking to combat sepsis which is the leading cause of deaths in hospitals; and discusses some of the new challenges and pressures being placed on young people, such as the need for a “social presence” and the impact that this can have on mental health.

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