Nadim Sadek

Founder & CEO, ProQuo AI

Oct 2, 2020

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Nadim Sadek is Founder & CEO of ProQuo AI, a brand management platform and consultancy. Founded in 2012, their global team uses artificial intelligence to drive brand growth, optimizing brands such as BMW, Chilly’s and Flickr.

Previous to ProQuo AI, Nadim founded what became the world’s biggest qualitative research agency, Sadek Wynberg, was Global CEO of Millward Brown’s Qual Network, and then Worldwide Commercial & Strategy Director of Research International.

He has also been ‘on the other side’, creating his own brand, ‘Inish Turk Beg,’ winner of the Mobius global award for best new brand in 2008. In this in-depth conversation, Nadim describes how his atypical psychological background aided him in the industry and led to the founding of his “magic lantern” brand management platform; discusses obstacles he faced in his career and how he built himself back up after some turbulence knocked him off course; and explains the journey of his own self-discovery and the importance of ‘real’ entrepreneurs as “originators rather than administrators.”

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