Philip Grindell

Online and Fixated Threat Specialist

Nov 27, 2020

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Philip Grindell is one of the UK’s most trusted leaders and advisors when it comes to fixated persons and national security issues. He is the founder and chief executive of Defuse Global, a consultancy with an international team of experts trusted to look after and advise some of the world’s most recognised people.

Defuse protects brands, be they individuals or organisations, from targeted physical, reputational and financial harm on social media and the dark web with threat intelligence and behavioural analysis.

After spending almost 30 years at Scotland Yard as a detective of specialist and serious crime operations, he was chosen to build and manage a security team in Parliament following the murder of Jo Cox in 2016.

In this in-depth conversation, Philip recalls how his desire to “make a difference” encouraged him to join the Metropolitan Police; describes his experience working in Parliament during one of the most toxic periods in British politics – from Brexit to the Corbyn era; and shares his hopes of making social media more “social” to get it back to being a positive experience for users.

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