Randy Dewey

President and CEO, Baylin Technologies Inc.

Oct 7, 2020

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Image of Randy Dewey

Randy Dewey is president and chief executive of Baylin Technologies, a global wireless communications leader. With headquarters in Toronto, they specialise in radio-frequency products for the upcoming 5G and new satellite constellations LEO and MEO.

Prior to Baylin, he founded the executive consulting firm, The Navistone Group. Throughout his c-suite career Randy has built eight companies, held 13 board positions and led many company turnarounds culminating over $1.8 billion in enterprise value.

In this in-depth conversation, he describes 5G as the “Ferrari of networks” and how game changing the new LEO satellite constellation is for wireless connectivity.

He describes these new systems as pivotal technology for both the developed and underdeveloped countries. Mr. Dewey describes Baylin’s contributions to the world in the fight against the pandemic, and how motivating it was connecting people in times of difficulty; furthermore he discusses the four principles to success shared in his soon to be published book, L.I.F.T Leadership.

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