Randy Dewey

Founder, LIFT Leadership

Feb 4, 2022

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Randy Dewey is founder of LIFT Leadership. Founded in 2021, the company helps C-Suite executives and leaders who need to spike their leadership performance, solve business financial problems, and build actionable business strategy through tools, coaching, consulting and masterclasses. In a career spanning over three decades, he has held senior positions in ten companies, and sat on 13 boards in both the public and private sector. As an author, his Wall Street Journal best-selling book ‘When the Unthinkable Happens: How to Lead Your Team and Pivot Your Business for Growth and Opportunity’ explores his signature methodology and helps companies through challenging times and assists in growth. In this in-depth conversation, Randy reflects on starting LIFT Leadership, which aims to “lead, inspire, focus and transform” to move businesses to the next level; discusses what he believes makes a good leader, arguing that elements are innate but the skills can also be learnt; and shares how the work he’s doing can not only transform business development but also personal development.

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