Robert Stryk and Scott Taylor

Global Private Diplomats

Mar 11, 2022

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Image of Robert Stryk and Scott Taylor

Robert Stryk and Scott Taylor are Global Private Diplomats. Robert is the founder of Stryk Global Diplomacy, founded in 2001, the global diplomacy and advisory firm assists sovereign states, businesses and individuals and helps clients identify business opportunities, manage risk, and navigate often-complex situations. Scott’s company, Taylor Global Strategies, offers diplomatic advisory services. Scott is a former Navy SEAL who represented Virginia as a Congressman between 2017 and 2019. The two companies have recently teamed up to work together. In this in-depth conversation, Robert and Scott delve into their individual career journeys so far and why they decided to “take their business to the next level by collaborating;” discuss their role and how they work to “create lines of communication, give information and build trust between key contacts;” and share stories of their career including why being out in the field can feel vulnerable at times.

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