Rusty Hutson

Founder & CEO, Diversified Gas and Oil

Oct 30, 2020

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Rusty Hutson is founder and CEO of Diversified Gas and Oil. Founded in 2001, the company acquires and enhances mature, low-decline and low-risk wells in the Appalachian Basin.

Having grown the business to own more than 60,000 gas and oil wells, their annual revenues are currently exceeding $500m. But his career began on a different path, spending just under two decades in banking before buying a small package of wells with a home equity loan to establish what is now the largest producer of natural gas in the Appalachian Basin.

In this in-depth conversation, Rusty explains how he built his business – literally from the ground up, and plans to double their market capitalisation in the next year; discusses the added pressures the pandemic and the upcoming Presidential election is going to have on the already volatile oil and gas industry; and shares how he balances his entrepreneurial profit-orientated mindset, with a leadership style that puts the people at the centre of the business.

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