Ryan Howsam

Founder & CEO, Staysure Group

Sep 10, 2021

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Ryan Howsam is founder and chief executive of the StaySure Group and a leading UK investor, entrepreneur and mentor. He is also behind the world leading Legend’s Golf Tour.

Founded in 2014 Staysure is famous for pioneering new kinds of flexible insurance cover including for the over 50s and for those with pre-existing medical conditions – and was named ‘Best Travel Insurance Provider’ in 2020 for the fifth year running.

In this in-depth conversation, Ryan reflects on starting out his career, describing the time as an “early calling into leadership” – and talks through the key lessons he learnt along the way; discusses the StaySure Group and the importance of not limiting marketing within the business; and shares his plans for the future on taking the company global, expand into FinTech, and incorporate the new brand, PetSure.

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