Simon Littler

Entrepreneur, philanthropist & wine expert

Feb 5, 2021

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Image of Simon Littler

Simon Littler is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and highly regarded expert in the wine industry.

Chief executive of the Wine Forum, an international society of business leaders based around fine wine and philanthropy; he is also the founder of multiple companies including The World Wine Exchange and Global Wine Company –  which ran wine clubs for brands such as The New York Times, Williams-Sonoma, The Washington Post and Omaha Steaks. Also an advisor and mentor to chief executives, Simon serves on the boards’ or as an advisor of multiple companies including the Gratitude Railroad and Rose and Arrow Estate.

In this in-depth conversation, Simon explains the impact the pandemic continues to have on his business, and the once critical in-person connections that have been forced to pivot; describes the important work he does at the Inside Circle Foundation, an organisation that works in high security prisons aiding parolees to gain meaningful employment; and advises that it’s vital for your job to be your passion – fortunate enough to have found that his love of wine coupled with his academic achievements in geology, would lead to his own success.

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