Stephan Beringer

CEO, Mirriad

Dec 31, 2021

New Thinking Leaders podcast

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Stephan Beringer is the chief executive of Mirriad. Founded in 2008, Mirriad’s technology inserts brands and products into TV shows, movies and music videos.

As viewers increasingly skip traditional adverts when watching on demand, Mirrad allows brands to reach consumers in a way that doesn’t interrupt what they are watching. The company works with some of the most renowned advertisers, agencies and content providers in key markets including the US, China, France, Germany, and the UK. Before this, Stephan held senior positions across multiple disciplines in marketing and communications – and is regarded as one of the industry’s global leaders.

In this in-depth conversation, Stephan reflects on his career journey so far, and how advertising first piqued his interest; discusses Mirriad and explains how the concept of the brand works to “enhance a viewing experience rather than disturbing and interrupting it;” and shares why he thinks the company will be the future of advertisement and will continue a drive of awareness of brands and will see more of a growth of consumption.

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