Tim Collins

Co-CEO & Founder, Creed Media

Jun 4, 2021

New Thinking podcast

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Tim Collins is co-CEO and co-founder of Creed Media. Founded in 2018, the global digital marketing agency helps brands adapt their strategies to attract Gen-Z consumers.

Starting out in his career aged 18, he worked at the music management company ‘At Night’ for three years, and found his passion for the entertainment industry.

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In this in-depth conversation, Tim reflects on his journey so far – from being a performer himself, to then moving across to the organisational side where he realised he was better suited; shares insight into co-founding his business, explaining how they help global companies incorporate new technologies and platforms such as TikTok, into their operational plans; and looks towards the future, delving into why and how he plans to support other young people who want to get into the sector.

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