Daily Dilemmas

Mar 31, 2023

New Thinking Modern World podcast

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Ross Chandley

Executive Editor

Jay Pearson

Head of Podcasting

“Tagging me on social media wishing me a happy birthday is not for me, it is for you to tell everyone, ‘Oh look at me, I'm such a good friend’”

Do you have red or brown sauce on your bacon sandwich? Do you shower in the morning or in the evening? Would you rather have more money or live longer? In this episode, we asked our listeners to send in some pop culture daily dilemmas to discuss those all-important life choices. Also, this week, Jay and Ross discuss public birthday wishes on social media and ask if it’s actually quite selfish. The duo also discuss their phones’ most used apps, and it looks like Ross is back on the dating scene.

In this episode we discuss:
  • Mother’s Day on social media
  • The sudden trend of taking photos of dying relatives
  • Favorite apps on your phone
  • Everyday dilemmas

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