Ranking the UK’s Favorite Chocolate Bars

Mar 14, 2023

New Thinking Modern World podcast

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Ross Chandley

Executive Editor

Jay Pearson

Head of Podcasting

“When we did the online shop at Christmas, they swapped Jacob’s Treeselets for Twiglets…that’s like swapping baked beans for bleach!”

This week, Jay & Ross give their take on the age-old question; what is the best chocolate bar? Together, they rank their favorites, disagree on a few, but ultimately come to an agreement on the most delicious one. Will you agree with what the lads have chosen? Also, this week, we hear about Ross’ big confession, the revelations of doing your big shop online, and the usual social media pet peeves.

In this episode we discuss:
  • Online grocery shopping
  • ‘Scan & Go’ revolution
  • Ross’ big confession
  • Social media pet peeves
  • What song would you delete from existence?
  • Ranking the UK’s favorite chocolate bars

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