The Frustrating World of Retail

Mar 3, 2023

New Thinking Modern World podcast

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Stresses of retail

Your hosts:

Ross Chandley

Executive Editor

Jay Pearson

Head of Podcasting

“Working in a customer-facing job does have an effect on how you treat others.”

Have you ever worked in retail? If so, you understand the annoyances that come with it—mainly the customers! In this episode, Jay and Ross look at the world of retail from both sides of the counter, discussing those annoying things customers say and do.

They look at how working in retail changes the way you are as a customer. If you have worked on the front line, you will empathise with this episode; if you haven’t, then come and enjoy the laughs with us.

In this episode we discuss:
  • Why are coffee cups all of a sudden an accessory on Instagram?
  • Why do people thank brands online for things that they have paid for?
  • Retail life
  • Annoying things retail customers do
  • Does working in retail change how you are as a customer?
  • Worst ever jobs

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