Indiana Jones v Barbie: Big Movies of 2023

Feb 3, 2023

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Sandro Monetti

Author and multi-award winning Hollywood journalist

“The latest horror hit is about an American doll who causes chaos and destruction every time she opens her mouth. No, not Meghan Markle but M3GAN the android”

In the battle to be 2023’s box office champion, ‘Indiana Jones’ takes on fellow icons ‘Barbie,’ ‘Willy Wonka,’ and ‘The Little Mermaid.’ But could surprise contender ‘Cocaine Bear’ shock them all and become the surprise hit of the year? See what your co-hosts Sandro Monetti and Zorianna Kit think in this episode of Total Hollywood.

Drawing on their insight and expertise, the showbiz insiders select the upcoming Christopher Nolan and Leonardo Di Caprio movies as strong contenders in the awards race a year from now.

They also call on Hollywood to make biopics about Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, and Cyndi Lauper to add to already in-development projects on Boy George, Bob Dylan, and the Bee Gees.

The episode ends with a review of the new horror hit ‘M3GAN’ about a hi-tech doll with murder on her mind. Our hosts thought it was hilarious – but are there enough scares mixed with all the mirth?

In this episode we discuss:

Are Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny an awful title or an intriguing one?

Does the de-ageing technology used on Harrison Ford look creepy or cool?

Barbie and Oppenheimer are set to open on the same day this summer. Which one will top the box office?

Should Disney keep making live action remakes of their animated classics?

Our hosts can’t wait for Cocaine Bear and tip the cult film to be the surprise hit of the year.

Will playing a villain in his next movie return Leonardo Di Caprio to the best actor Oscar race?

Are all the movies about Eighties pop stars a new form of superhero films? 

Can M3GAN establish herself alongside Chucky and Annabelle in the pantheon of great killer doll films?

Is the toy company manager in M3GAN the best or the most over the top film character in ages?

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