Romantic Comedies

May 26, 2023

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Romantic Comedies

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Sandro Monetti

Author and multi-award winning Hollywood journalist

“Nobody makes romantic comedies anymore, and it’s all the fault of Iron Man”

Where have all the romantic comedies gone? Can and should the genre make a comeback? Rom-communists Sandro and Amy have all the answers.

Rom-coms used to be a regular part of the filmgoing experience and classics like Pretty Woman, When Harry Met Sally, Love Actually are still enjoyed today. But new entries in the genre are few and far between – this podcast finds out why. Could it be the fault of superhero movies doing so well that the profit chasing studios want to go all in on blockbusters and have fallen out of love with love stories? Or is it that society has moved on and there’s just no place any more for talks about women waiting around for a handsome prince to solve all their problems? Is the genre itself all played out because it’s so repetitious with the stories almost exclusively focused on middle-class, white, straight characters? There are hopes of a comeback – our co-hosts love the recent Lily James film What’s Love Got To Do With it – and maybe new release Book Club: The Next Chapter is something to write home about.

Listen now to this special edition of the podcast that will have you at hello.

In this episode we discuss:
  • Watching Love Actually through a Me Too lens.
  • Learn about tensions on the set of Pretty Woman.
  • Are Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore the best screen couple?
  • Are Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher the worst screen couple?
  • Why are romantic comedy characters almost always middle class?
  • Find out what happens to Jane Fonda’s character in the new Book Club movie that also happened in real life to Sandro’s mother.
  • Hear about Amy watching three rom coms each Friday night while painting her friends’ toenails.
  • Learn how Jemima Khan made What’s Love Got To Do With It a rom-com for our times.
  • What are the best romantic comedy movies ever made?


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