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Apr 14, 2023

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Popcorn Mario

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Sandro Monetti

Author and multi-award winning Hollywood journalist

“Starring in the new Super Mario Brothers movie as the Italian plumber is…Chris Pratt. That’s the worst casting in years, surely. He’s hardly my idea of an Italian plumber...” - Sandro Monetti

The new Super Mario Bros movie has smashed box office records by having the biggest opening of any film ever based on a video game. So it’s no wonder that Hollywood is releasing a string of fresh films inspired by further classic games.

Another one is Tetris, which takes a very different approach, as you’ll learn from showbiz insiders Sandro Monetti and Zorianna Kit in this special episode.

From Pac-Man to Minecraft, the co-hosts preview all the coming attractions and review the recent releases.

They question the casting of Chris Pratt as the Italian plumber Mario in Super Mario Bros and Chris Pine in Dungeons and Dragons but praise Taron Egerton’s work in Tetris.

Then our hosts discuss their own history with gaming – Sandro describes his childhood years endlessly playing Pac-Man and board games Operation and Battleship while Zorianna, who has Ukrainian heritage,was too busy for all that as her youth was largely spent protesting outside Russian embassies!

But she did find time to play with Ouija boards and you’ll  learn about what spirits she summoned.

At the end of the show our hosts review the all-star Dungeons and Dragons movie and, spoiler alert, describe as two hours you won’t get back.

But this show is half an hour you won’t want to miss. Happy listening.

In this episode we discuss:
  • Why is Hollywood suddenly making so many movies based on video games?
  • Has there ever been a great movie based on a video game?
  • Is new drama The Last of Us the best TV series ever based on a video game?
  • What can we expect from the upcoming film versions of Minecraft and Pac-Man?
  • What went wrong with the movie version of Battleship and did its failure prompt Rihanna to switch from films to cosmetics?
  • Could Hungry Hippos and Snakes & Ladders be the next games to transfer to the screen?
  • What happened when Zorianna played with a Ouija board?
  • Does being good at the game Operation mean you can do surgery for real?
  • Is the new Dungeons and Dragons film worth your time and money?

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