Manifestation Journals: 3 Reasons Why People Love Them

Published: Nov 25, 2022  |  

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Over five years, manifestation journals have blossomed in the marketplace due to their trendy subject on the law of attraction and spirituality. Even today, the phrase “manifestation journal” yields over 8,000 Google searches per month. But why are they so popular in the spirituality community? 

Here are three reasons why people use manifestation journals and why they work when using the law of attraction.

  1. Writing Is an Effective Visualization Tool

When I created Manifest It!® in 2017, I realized everything I had already desired manifested because I wrote it down or typed it out using present and past tense. The law of attraction encourages you to use visualization to “see” yourself having or being what you wish to experience. Remember when you were a kid, and each year before the holidays, you would imagine playing with a toy you wanted, and you’d write a letter to Santa? Even before knowing about spirituality and the law of attraction, you were using its visualization method.

Some manifestation experts, including myself, encourage you to visualize and take physical action around what you desire to manifest. Writing it down in both present and past tense helps me to ManiFAST: Manifest Faster. It was how I manifested 99% of everything I ever wanted within ten months and how I repeatedly manifest now.

Using a manifestation journal is similar to writing a letter to Santa. The difference is you’re writing a letter to your belief system by training your brain to accept new possibilities as real. It’s not like a personal diary because you use the manifestation journal to write into reality. In other words, you write down your future, and with the compound effect, your brain shifts your desired reality into being a genuine possibility. Plus, writing is a great way to clear the cache within your brain to make room for your new belief system.

2. Manifestation Journals Are “How-To” Guides

Whether you only use manifestation journals or you use them in conjunction with therapy, they are great guidance tools. Journaling provides a safe avenue to explore your thoughts and feelings without judgment from others. They help you clear your thoughts and feelings to make informative and empowering responses in your life. Many journals provide guidance prompts so you can identify what has you feeling stuck, why you’re feeling stuck, and how to move through your old habitual thought patterns.

In addition, with consistent usage, manifestation journaling builds your confidence levels to take manifesting action toward you achieving decided goals. We tend to create scary scenarios in our minds that don’t play out when faced with uncertainty. However, the repetitive chosen focus is what does generally emerge into reality.

Manifestation journals help you get clear about what you do want to experience versus focusing on what you don’t want to experience. I wrote my #1 best-selling journaling guidebook, Don’t Feel Stuck!, because I figured out how to ManiFAST using these “how-to” methods, and now I share them with you so you too can celebrate your success.

3. They Help You Take Back Your Power

Whether you grab a journaling guidebook and use it to write into reality your desired success, manifestation journals empower you when you’re feeling uncertain. Every day we are bombarded by information from the minute we wake until we fall asleep. Our brain has a sensory gating filtering system, which groups and sifts information based on what we choose to give a value of importance. And for someone like me who has obsessive-compulsive thoughts, it’s easy for my mind to want to spiral out of control at times because I overthink everything.

Thanks to this effective cognitive training tool, anxiety and obsessing over thoughts don’t rule my life anymore. I can acknowledge my disempowering thoughts and feelings and allow them to pass through my energy space by releasing them. My brain’s gating system strengthens because of practicing my chosen focus for about 5-10 minutes per day through this type of journaling. The compound effect yields a shift in my mental direction for my beliefs and physical outcome.

Believing is Seeing

The universe contains billions of elemental energy particles, and it doesn’t know what “real” is and what is “not real.” Therefore, you control your mind, feelings, and reality because the universe acts in a boomerang effect. Your brain contains the identical elemental energy particles that make up the universe, bouncing around and colliding with each other 24/7. In other words, you are in control because the universe reflects what you focus on and act on most of the time. The more you practice shifting your beliefs through manifestation journaling, the more you feel empowered, and reality shifts in your favor. You have to believe it to see it. Anatomically, your brain is your sight, not your eyes. Think of your brain as a projector, and your eyes as projection screens. 

So give it a try, grab a few manifestation journals, and experience how magic within you creates magic around you. Happy ManiFASTing!

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