Three Reasons Why You’re Not Manifesting and How You Can Change it

Published: Apr 20, 2023  |  

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When you see the word “manifest,” what instantly comes to mind? Do you think of a TV show or something about crystals and angel cards? Or do you think an actualization stems from intention? Many people fail to understand manifesting—and some even fear it because they don’t know how it works. I’m here to tell you that either way you believe manifesting is, well, it is.

In the Universe, your perception of an event or person plays out for your energetic space. Thousands of people want to learn about manifestation and the law of attraction and thousands more want to improve their manifesting skills. Here are the top three reasons why you’re not manifesting your goals and how you can quickly turn it around.


Reason one: The great expectation of manifestation

Many people confuse manifestation with occurring only during magical, miracle, movie-like moments. However, manifestations can also happen in ordinary, everyday circumstances. It depends on how you believe they can happen. Everything is a “manifestation” because the Universe’s energy particles bounce around and collide, taking shape into what you observe as a “chair” or your “hand.” Energy influences itself. Your energy affects the energy around you. What you expect plays out in your reality because you believe it to be a real possibility. A secret that travels through the psychological grapevine is that what you want manifests, or something much better emerges.

For example, suppose you want to sell your house and buy your dream home. In that case, you’ve got to put love and appreciation into your current home about how it benefited you. Part of the reason you purchased it is that the former owner appreciated it. Show your gratitude and gratitude will return in the form of gifts and rewards, such as selling your home.


Reason two: The extrinsic versus intrinsic mindset

You’ve heard the phrase, “I make my own luck.” And guess what? You can! The law of attraction works by going within, believing before seeing and building upon your beliefs as possibilities. So many people believe in a “higher power,” but they don’t necessarily believe in themselves. We all come from the same source of the Universe. The higher power is you because you are what you believe to be true.

Many law of attraction followers think all you have to do is sit around and believe in something manifesting to you. While yes, this can happen because anything can happen, I like to take manifesting action because it speeds up the manifestation process. Why sit around and “wait” (extrinsic mindset) to believe it to be possible when you can decide for yourself (intrinsic attitude) and show the Universe you mean business when manifesting your dreams?

For example, I once worked with someone trying to sell a “junk” car. She had trouble selling it for months because it didn’t run and wasn’t the prettiest sight to see. However, she sold it within 24 hours of working with me because she decided to focus on what the car did to help her while she drove it and used it over the years. When she flipped her need into an appreciation from within, she sold it quickly because potential buyers felt the positive energy radiating from her about how great the car was for her. She attracted a person looking for a vehicle to use for parts and they quickly purchased the car from her. It’s about your internal drive for an outcome by making “your own luck” by shifting your perspective and taking action around it.


Reason three: Disregarding the compound effect

Each time you accomplish something, your confidence builds. It’s the same thing when using the law of attraction. Start by manifesting something easy to obtain, like seeing a cat or a pizza place. You believe the chances of these things happening are high on the expectation scale. Then, pick something a little less frequent to see or receive, like seeing a Cardinal bird or a Monarch butterfly, depending on where you reside.

The point is to use the compound effect in increments instead of going for the pipe dream the first time you set your intentions. Most people go for the pipe dream on their first try with an intended manifestation, and they quickly give up because Brad Pitt didn’t walk up to them and ask them on a date. Most people give up too soon before they understand how manifesting works.

Each time you won a sports game or received a good grade in school for an exam, your confidence grew more and more. It’s the same when using the law of attraction. Start with something familiar and build upon your manifestations. Your perception of beliefs to outcomes turns the manifestation toward your physical realm rather than away from it.


Paging your brain’s superpower

You always manifest to yourself regardless of your beliefs through your intended focus and thoughts. The elemental particles in the Universe never stop bouncing and colliding. You get what you expect, so expect gifts and rewards for your dreams and goals to manifest. The more you practice the above tweaks with your belief system and actions, the easier it will get to manifest your dream car, house, job, person or whatever you’re manifesting into your life.

Practice makes for progression, and progression brings manifestation.

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